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Phone number masking

Value the privacy of your users and keep their phone numbers private by connecting them anonymously through a Dreambox Phone Number.

Why do you need to offer phone number masking?

  • Protect your users identities
  • Keep the privacy of your users by letting them make phone calls and send messages without exposing their personal phone numbers.

  • Keep all the communication within your platform
  • No more private channel communication between users and your support team. Keep all conversations within your platform.

  • Control your users experience
  • Control how and when users interact with your business; avoid callbacks once the conversation has ended.

  • Lower the cost of purchased phone numbers
  • No need to buy a big amount of phone numbers in order to serve your business needs. Dreambox Number masking lets you use one and the same number to bridge your users and employees.

  • Scale as you grow
  • Buy as many international phone numbers as you need.

  • Let your customers use their favorite communication channel
  • Voice or SMS, Dreambox Number Masking can cover both without sacrificing your users privacy.

Phone number masking business use cases

Taxi and car share

Let drivers and passengers call each other with phone number masking, without sharing their personal phone number.


Help buyers and sellers connect while you expand on the market by integrating international calling into your application.


Keep patients personal information protected and let them feel more comfortable discussing their health.

Delivery and 3rd party logistics

Users can connect to each other to share important and timely information about upcoming deliveries and other services.

How it works

User places a call from your application

A user of your service calls a local virtual phone number to order a taxi ride, connect with your support team or order your product.

Dreambox receives instructions on how to handle the call

A webhook with instructions is sent to Dreambox. The call is initiated with a Dreambox defined phone number as caller ID.

Both parties are connected

Dreambox connects both parties, and only it knows the phone numbers of the two call participants.

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