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Social media and mobility are radically changing how we live and communicate - Your prospects, customers, and competitors are online 24/7 through text messaging, social media, e-mail, apps, and news feeds, mobile devices provide a constant touch point with your business. The mobile customer experience you deliver has never been more strategic to your business. Companies that don’t get it right won’t survive this new reality. Video is the new voice. Now, video and mobility solutions are taking collaboration to the next level introducing WebRTC in the contact center world. Vocalcom enables video everywhere, on any device, from smartphones to tablets, laptops, and PCs, adding confort and trust to the whole experience. A fantastic mobile customer service solution which provides a tremendous opportunity to deliver the fast, simple, satisfying experience expected by consumers today. An experience that leads to increased sales, greater loyalty, and stunning connections with your customers. Vocalcom mobile provides increased context to highly personalize the mobile customer experience and empower agents with a complete customer view in order to greatly enhance mobile customer experience. An experience that leads to increased sales and greater loyalty. Vocalcom Mobile Customer Service Software bridges the gap between self service and traditional customer service contact channels. It does this by allowing the customer to conveniently connect to a live agent without having to repeat any information such as their user profile, location, name, account number, the nature of the call or navigate through complex IVR menus. This results in significantly reduced call handle times and streamlined customer experience. Vocalcom Mobile also allows the customer to see his position in queue, the current hold times, schedule a call-back or register in queue without calling. With Vocalcom Mobile Engagement Software, customers can simply connect directly to an agent, who receives session information, customer history, preferences, location, and other contextual information for quick resolution. The availability of rich customer information at the onset of an interaction empower agents to improve customer response times and overall customer satisfaction. - See more at:

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Publish Date: Mar 20, 15