Listen Monitor brand mentions across multiple social streams, including full fire hose access from Twitter and WordPress, and engage key influencers to help grow your digital presence. Daily performance data helps you to maintain control and do KPI benchmarking.. Generate custom reports that validate ad spend and campaign tracking, revealing investment opportunities or areas for increased content planning and development.

Engage Our Listen product monitors more than 4.8 million sources thanks to our partnership with Gnip and other API aggregators. And new data sources are being constantly added to maximise your social awareness. Be able to identify and act on opportunities for strategic response to online behaviour. Make performance-based adjustments to content. Embrace a marketing optimisation workflow that is centralised, collaborative, and fluid.

Analyse Create filters to refine search topics and target campaign-specific phrases over time. Search queries can be fully customized thanks to Boolean parameters and additional language settings. Keep brand messaging in line, even across social channels with the help of our content pool. Review and approve content prior to posting to ensure quality and consistency.

Social media and mobility are radically changing how we live and communicate - Your prospects, customers, and competitors are online 24/7 through text messaging, social media, e-mail, apps, and news feeds, mobile devices provide a constant touch point with your business. The mobile customer experience you deliver has never been more strategic to your business. Companies that don’t get it right won’t survive this new reality. Video is the new voice. Now, video and mobility solutions are taking collaboration to the next level introducing WebRTC in the contact centre world. We deliver an experience that leads to increased sales, greater loyalty, and stunning connections with your customers. Powered by the world's best (Vocalcom) we empower agents with a complete customer view in order to enhance the user experience. An experience that leads to increased sales and greater loyalty. Mobile Customer Service Software bridges the gap between self service and traditional customer service contact channels. It does this by allowing the customer to conveniently connect to a live agent without having to repeat any information such as their user profile, location, name, account number, the nature of the call or navigate through complex IVR menus. This results in significantly reduced call handle times and streamlined customer experience. dreambox also allows the customer to see his position in queue, the current hold times, schedule a call-back or register in queue without calling. With Mobile Engagement Software, customers can simply connect directly to an agent, who receives session information, customer history, preferences, location, and other contextual information for quick resolution. The availability of rich customer information at the onset of an interaction empower agents to improve customer response times and overall customer satisfaction.

For the uninitiated, integrating social media successfully into the contact centre can be a daunting and complex task. Sentiment has helped some of the UK’s leading brands to develop effective social customer service processes and, along the way, identified a lot of the pain points that contact centres experience in ‘going social’. To pass on this knowledge, our very own Luke Porter, Head of Social Customer Service, will be taking part in a webinar on this exact topic on 15th January 2014 featuring such luminaries as Martin Hill-Wilson, author of Delivering Effective Social Customer Service, and Dominic Sparkes, CEO of Tempero, the world’s largest social media management agency. You can register here for free. We’ve also decided to collate our notes, back them up with a wealth of recent statistics and create a really useful infographic (below) which highlights the seven key challenges you’re likely to experience with integrating social into the contact centre: - Protecting your investment in legacy systems. - Justifing the expense of integrating social media. - Integrating social media with your other channels. - scaling up your social customer service provision. - Ensuring buy-in from staff (or clients’ staff). - Understanding how to measure social customer service performance. - Ensuring agents have the right skills or abilities. “We’ve been working closely with a number of contact centres to help them understand the unique challenges of the social channel. Hopefully, this Infographic, together with our latest contact centre focused features, will help them get up to speed quickly and start delivering effective social customer service.” The transition from call centre to contact centre is a big challenge and can be a daunting task to those unfamiliar with this way of communication. Shep Hyken, customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author states: “As multiple communication channels develop for the customer contact centre, consistency will be paramount. The experience must be the same from channel to channel. Anything less erodes confidence and destroys customer loyalty.” There are also some other findings that might surprise you: Over a third of customers who interact with a brand online do so to complain. One in three social media users prefer social care over contacting a brand using a phone. When faced with a negative service experience, 56% of customers say they would never do business with that company again. 71% of companies are concerned about social media risks, but only 36% provide employee training. 42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems out-dated user interfaces.