Integrate your contact centre to Social media

Project Description

People talk, and everyday they’re talking about your company or your products on Twitter, Google, and Facebook. If you can’t follow these conversations, then your contact centre needs a makeover. Go All-in-one! Connect with your customers on every channel. Vocalcom lets you tap into customer conversations wherever they occur - including by phone, email, chat and more modern channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. As an advocate of an ‘omni-channel’ (or channel agnostic) approach to customer care, Vocalcom was keen to find out how companies are currently meeting the challenge of serving customers over the wide array of channels now available to them.

Customers share. Get in on the conversation. Use Vocalcom’s social media management tool to manage the explosion of social customer care responses without sacrificing quality. The Vocalcom Social Centre is engineered with social media built-in so you can reach out, engage, monitor, and support your customers on their digital channel of choice. Best of all, Vocalcom allows you to find the conversations that matter—fast, and harness the power of social media to reach your customers and prospects.

Vocalcom Social Media Centre automates monitoring and processes social media conversations regarding your products and services with customers and prospects. Social Media Centre analyses the social media conversations using intelligent engines, and quickly identify the most relevant opportunities to your business. These interactions range from potential sales opportunity comments to general inquiries and complaints. It allow you to post in real-time offers and capitalise on new opportunities and reduce missed ones. Social Media Centre efficiently and automatically processes the social media interactions, delivering relevant actionable mentions to the appropriate resource for response. Because the solution focuses only on meaningful and actionable interactions, your business experiences improved efficiency and effectiveness of social media responses. Amazing opportunity to get the most out of the social world!

Project Details

Author: dreambox

Publish Date: Jul 01, 14