Predictive Dialler

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Vocalcom's predictive dialer software eliminates the dead time between calls

Vocalcom's predictive dialler software delivers unparalleled power and performance. It's predictive dialler functionality delivers the capabilities you need to make your outbound collections, sales or telemarketing highly efficient and more profitable. The Predictive Dialler can triple the amount of time your agents spend talking to sales prospects and clients by providing your agents a maximum of talk time with real people, and automatically filtering out busy signals, disconnected calls, fax and answering machines. The supercharged predictive dialler™ connects outbound agents to customers instantaneously. For other diallers on the market, this isn’t possible. Using a predictive dialler that doesn’t have the characteristic pause can significantly increase the amount of outbound connections you make with your customers. A study conducted by Harris Interactive, shows that 49% of consumers hang up when there is a delay or pause from an unfamiliar number. That means that businesses that utilise traditional predictive or auto diallers could be losing almost 50% of their connected calls, simply because of their dialler.

With a broad range of features that are robust and unique, yet easy to use, our predictive dialler software is designed to enhance all facets of your outbound phone-based campaigns. Our predictive dialler software allows blended campaigns and handle multiple dialling modes : power, preview, progressive, and predictive dialling. A robust and flawless reporting, call recording, automatic callbacks, web coaching and monitoring, sleek campaign manager, powerful scripting, data history, seamless CRM integration, and all the tools to assist you in complying with regulations including time zone management, Do-Not-Call list Protection, caller ID settings, and the most inspired and useful features to drive the best predictive dialler software.

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Author: dreambox

Publish Date: Jul 01, 14