Meeting the multi-channel challenge is often met with internal complications. There's often a conflict between Marketing and IT or Operations and Sales as to how best to deliver that experience. Fortunately, there's a simple solution to this.

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There are many channels a customer can choose from to communicate with a company today, not least via the phone, email, SMS, web chat and social networks. Traditional Call Centre products were built based on an evolution of channel support, starting out with Automatic Call Distribution, (ACD), evolving to include email and SMS, and then through customer demand, quite literally an explosion of other channels. Being able to provide a consistent, high quality level of support can be challenging, if not supported with the right tools and experience baked right into the product to make managing many channels at once, simply effortless. In fact, it gets even more complicated reflecting on social channels in particular; it’s not like managing ‘traditional’ channels, the roles are reversed in that social channel support is all about managing by exception whereas voice, emails, SMS, fax, even voicemail are all serially ‘treated’ channels. Social channels are anything but, relying entirely on a whole new set of capabilities such as handling ‘sentiment’, queuing completely unstructured and mixed sales, service and marketing contact, and ‘allowing’ for treatment of ‘some’ contact by customers themselves. Our solution incorporates an advanced and efficient ACD solution, but it also affords businesses extraordinary support for all other inbound channels. Agents have a ‘tab’ for each inbound channel that’s intelligent and ‘on-demand’ access is entirely productivity designed. The agent’s workspace provides endless support guidance when handling any interaction, with infinite access to information from any data source within an enterprise being available at their fingertips. Workflow screen scripts promote exceptional quality and limitless possibilities in terms of ‘learning’ and capturing so much information directly from customers. From a customer perspective inbound contact is initially all about fast, efficient and effortless connection, but then once connected, it’s about relevant and accurate support, and exceptional experiences that ensures the customer forgets why they got in touch, instead just remembering how great the agent made them feel. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Intelligent distribution of calls is something that Vocalcom has been re-inventing for many years, refining and perfecting to ensure the optimum solution to connect customer and agent. Of course there’s a built in concierge capability, affording customers the ability to simply ‘opt’ to have their place in the queue held for them, “no more waiting on hold”. Skills based routing is also intuitive to set up and available across ALL inbound channels, including social. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) OK, so the Vocalcom IVR is where things really get interesting. Simply put, whatever you can ‘think of’ in terms of exceptionally ‘advanced’ routing, you can implement. Route to your top performers based on an abstracted database query of positive dispositions against a timeline and on a particular campaign? - no problem.

Vocalcom's predictive dialer software eliminates the dead time between calls

Vocalcom's predictive dialler software delivers unparalleled power and performance. It's predictive dialler functionality delivers the capabilities you need to make your outbound collections, sales or telemarketing highly efficient and more profitable. The Predictive Dialler can triple the amount of time your agents spend talking to sales prospects and clients by providing your agents a maximum of talk time with real people, and automatically filtering out busy signals, disconnected calls, fax and answering machines. The supercharged predictive dialler™ connects outbound agents to customers instantaneously. For other diallers on the market, this isn’t possible. Using a predictive dialler that doesn’t have the characteristic pause can significantly increase the amount of outbound connections you make with your customers. A study conducted by Harris Interactive, shows that 49% of consumers hang up when there is a delay or pause from an unfamiliar number. That means that businesses that utilise traditional predictive or auto diallers could be losing almost 50% of their connected calls, simply because of their dialler.

With a broad range of features that are robust and unique, yet easy to use, our predictive dialler software is designed to enhance all facets of your outbound phone-based campaigns. Our predictive dialler software allows blended campaigns and handle multiple dialling modes : power, preview, progressive, and predictive dialling. A robust and flawless reporting, call recording, automatic callbacks, web coaching and monitoring, sleek campaign manager, powerful scripting, data history, seamless CRM integration, and all the tools to assist you in complying with regulations including time zone management, Do-Not-Call list Protection, caller ID settings, and the most inspired and useful features to drive the best predictive dialler software.