Inbound and outbound calls

Streamlining communications under one interface

Intelligent routing

Route your customers to your strengths!


Multi-channel communications

Web, mobile email, chat? Not a problem, you can engage with your customers through any of their preferences.


Advanced integrations

At Dreambox, we understand your needs and wants, and know that you might get a bit cautious when migrating systems, especially when it comes to existing products that are in use in your operations. We've got you covered! The Dreambox platform integrates with most CRM's, help desk software, ticketing platforms and other applications that you might use. If it doesn't for some reason, we will work on it to get you the integration that you want.


Call monitoring & analytics

Comprehensive monitoring tools, that are available at your fingertips, for better insight and management of your business goals, through optimization


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Dreambox features

Call recording

Dreambox cloud contact center enables your business to record any communication; inbound or outbound automatically. This feature allows for better engagement quality control and management.

On call options

Typical features you have come to expect from a telephonic experience such as call holding, muting, call transfer and conferencing are available on our platform.

Call queueing options

Complete control is at your fingertips. Call queueing options such as estimated wait time, sync with your favorite radio channel while they wait on the line and background music; all available at your disposal and fine-tuning for your unique customer journey composition.

Auto dialer

The auto dialer is a unique feature that allows your agents to focus on the ‘available,’ at the moment. Calls that are routed to answering machines, busy dial tones, out of country tones, etc. will be automatically filtered out and the currently available contacts in your database will be reached; ensuring maximum optimization of the agent seat.



Never redial a wrong number; for that matter, never dial a number while managing your customer base again. One click to connect and disconnect.

Automatic call distributor (ACD)

The Automatic Call Distributor feature allows your customized platform to redirect any inbound call to the best-suited agent, complementary to the management performance indicators that behave as a guideline, giving the customer a seamless experience and increasing your internal efficiency.

Interactive voice response system (IVRS)

The benefit of having a solution that has IVRS as a standard specification is that the customer is in the driving seat to choose what sort of interaction he/she is looking for to achieve their immediate goal. Sometimes the choice might be a quick one-two-three, and having numerous calls of such nature will reduce your cost per call.

Preferred agent router

Based on predefined parameters set by your organization, calls can be redirected to agents/operators who possess the required skillsets; on priority, you are giving your customers the best experience journey interaction with your brand consistently.

Personal phone call forwarding

There are times when you need this feature, like on the weekends or public holidays, etc. more often than most times. The Dreambox platform allows you to forward the inbound calls to any mobile or fixed line number; rest assured the right person is reachable and on call even when they are not physically on premise.

Contact history

Our comprehensive display panel captures all your interactions with your customers regardless of the platform you engaged on. This feature enables any account handler/manager or observer to view the comprehensive list in its entirety for their business goal requirement.

Omnichannel presence

Communication is vital in any business, and what better way for you to communicate without any barriers; in the type or form (at least from the capability of the Dreambox platform). Whatever your customer's preferred communication preference or style, via social media, mobile, live chat, email, and phone, you are covered for excellent delivery.

Business tools integration

Integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM, help desk, etc., like SalesForce, Freshdesk, to name a few; so that you can continue to focus on what matters to you and your customer base.

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

Reduction in the number of resources used to execute your business process, equals, time saved, less chance of error, shorter training windows, consistency improvement and the all-important, costs. Having a CTI widget within your CRM enables you to do just that. No more toggling between things; just seamless customer interactions.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows managers to monitor interactions between your company representative and your customer. Comprehensive tools like ‘Call Barging,’ ‘Whisper Coaching,’ ‘Call Conferencing,’ to name a few, you and your team have all the tools to remote interaction improvement and success at your fingertips.

Custom reporting

Numerous parameters are available for your use to measure the effectiveness of your operations by campaigns, periods, launches, etc. These parameters are filtered as per your request and are available for your more in-depth analytics; just the way you like it and believe it essential to your operational success!

Supervisor dashboard

The dashboard gives your management the ability to monitor key performance metrics such as schedule adherence, handling times, resolution rates, etc., all in the complete panelized structure of the Dreambox platform.

Detailed reporting

Predefined detailed reports are available for your access to get insight into your operations in real time. Analysis of this data in real time gives you the advantage to make changes and optimizations on the fly, to develop and maintain your superior operations.

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