Social Analytics made easy

Project Description

Listen Monitor brand mentions across multiple social streams, including full fire hose access from Twitter and WordPress, and engage key influencers to help grow your digital presence. Daily performance data helps you to maintain control and do KPI benchmarking.. Generate custom reports that validate ad spend and campaign tracking, revealing investment opportunities or areas for increased content planning and development.

Engage Our Listen product monitors more than 4.8 million sources thanks to our partnership with Gnip and other API aggregators. And new data sources are being constantly added to maximise your social awareness. Be able to identify and act on opportunities for strategic response to online behaviour. Make performance-based adjustments to content. Embrace a marketing optimisation workflow that is centralised, collaborative, and fluid.

Analyse Create filters to refine search topics and target campaign-specific phrases over time. Search queries can be fully customized thanks to Boolean parameters and additional language settings. Keep brand messaging in line, even across social channels with the help of our content pool. Review and approve content prior to posting to ensure quality and consistency.

Project Details

Publish Date: Mar 20, 15