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We’re in the middle of the biggest transition in personal computing; a paradigm shift from desktop to mobile. The biggest exodus in computing since the laptop was introduced. This transition comes with great potential and challenges alike; namely around customer experience. We’ve become more connected, more demanding and more aware of ‘quality of service’. This means businesses have to be agile, proactive and effective in their communication with their customers. The growth of Cloud, Social and Mobile means customers are not confined to a monolithic communication medium anymore. It’s the multi-channel revolution that will define success and failure of a company. No longer is price the currency to win your customers – it’s service and as customers continue to exercise their right to ‘switch vendors’, keeping them is becoming ever more important to the survival of a business. Furthermore, the approach to customer service must be asynchronous, allowing the consumer to engage, disconnect, and pick up where they left off on their own terms. This is because we all expect a multi-channel, consistent interface to our chosen company. A reduction in hold times (AHT), quicker first call resolution (FCR) and integrated CRM to avoid repeated information.

Holding on to speak with an agent for even 30 seconds has become ‘too long’. The always engaged, ever demanding customer is no longer content with ‘traditional’ channels to be served.

So, how do companies engage in this new world of communication?

Cloud-Base Technologies - Every year it seems more and more companies are switching their operating systems over to the cloud. For many businesses, migrating to cloud means lower costs and more flexibility. Other organisations have found that a hybrid approach of in-house IT and cloud-based support works best. So how does this fit in with the demands of the new ‘Gen-Y’ customer? This generation has grown up with rapidly changing technological advances and is adept and flexible when it comes to new technologies being introduced in the workplace. They don’t blink an eye when there is a system upgrade or an entire new operating system is introduced. Of course, training needs to occur around any new platform or system, but this generation seems better able to roll with the ever changing landscape of how contact centres operate.

Social - Social networks are here to stay and they come in a wide variety of flavours. More than 63% of individuals now to take to Social media to make complaints. The exposure social media brings can be hugely beneficial or spell disaster if not handled properly. Proactive, sympathetic and informed communication is needed. Employees have to have the ability to react when things go wrong, support customers in their journey with you and inform the customer of new products or services. Social media can be a double-edged sword but only the master swordsman can make the cut.

Mobile and Mobility - Mobile apps are becoming an increasingly important part of how companies communicate with their customers. Harnessing the insight of Gen-Y employees into the functionality of your app is like having a built-in focus group at the ready. It’s also predicted that mobility will play a bigger role in contact centres in the near future, meaning that the traditional phone/computer configuration will become a thing of the past.

There is no doubt that today’s working environment is changing rapidly. There are many influences driving these changes, from rapidly evolving technologies, customer’s communication preferences, to a younger workforce. Those companies that have the foresight to prepare for the impending disruptions and plan and strategise accordingly will be the companies that are still in business in the long run. Being aware of the CLOSOMO (Cloud, Social & Mobile) developments and educating the employee/agent on how to support these new channels, will deliver a better service to your end customers. Using technologies such as dreambox (powered by Vocalcom) can significantly improve the user experience, deliver a consistent service and maximise on the positive impact of social media and mobility for the new Millennium generation.

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Author: dreambox

Publish Date: Mar 29, 15